Nowadays, be it house, offices, commercial buildings, etc., people choose wooden floors for giving the best aesthetics to their interiors. Although a common practice, these floorings can sometimes get damaged. As a result owners look for floor refinishing services. However, before they select one for cheap flooring in Newcastle, they should have ample knowledge about both problem and service.

Damage of wooden floors

Wooden floors may damage because of many reasons.

  • Weather can become a major issue for floor damage. The weather changes throughout the year can affect the flooring.
  • Small children playing around the house can accidently drop things on the floor that causes damage to the top coat.
  • Heavy furniture can ruin the top coat.
  • Harmful cleaning chemicals can also destroy wooden floorings.

So, these were some of the causes. However, before going into deeper analysis of refinishing processes, you should know the easy methods of flooring in Sunderland.

The two main restoration methods of wooden floor repairing:

1. Screening – Also, known as buffing. This method of refinishing helps to restore the floor’s topcoat. Now, it may happen that the wooden floor underneath is in a good position and only the top layer faced damage. In this case, buffing helps the most. However, before buffing, never use oil, soap or wax on the wooden floor. It gives an unfinished look.

2. Sanding – Unlike screening, this process involves a lot of difficulties. You will find that the sanding method comprises of three stages.

a. At first; rough sanding can be described as a removal process of any old residue and then allowing the boards to level for preparing the floor for next stage.

b. Second stage; medium sanding helps to smooth the surface by eliminating any unleveled area.

c. In final stage; fine sanding evens the total surface to prepare the floor so that staining becomes easier.

ofessionals offering these services assure you of top quality. Embellish your floors to enhance the aesthetics.