Health Self Test

Health Self Test

It is possible to get health self test kits(Selvtesteren) for various health concerns and even fertility tests for men, and pregnancy test kits for women, Some of the popular health concerns include fertility, pregnancy,high cholesterol, some forms of cancer and sexually transmitted infections. These popular health conditions among many others are able to be tested by individuals who have health self test kits. Some health self test may need self-collection of samples and subsequent testing. What is also important to understand and appreciate is that some health self test kits may need to be sent to the laboratory. That is done for appropriate testing and of course confirmation. Sponsored test kits, check out more here:

Popular types of health self-test kits

I. STI/STD health self-test kits

It is possible for any person to get free STI/STD tests from their local health clinics.Health self test kits are available both on local and online marketplaces. These home testing kits are for infections including gonorrhea and chlamydia which can be sent to the laboratory. Also, often most pharmacies have an STI testing kit.

The working of the STD health self-test kit

· Purchase a self-test kit either from a drugstore or online

· Collect a saliva swab sample or prick your finger and collect your blood sample on a piece of paper that is special.

· Send the samples collected to the lab.The results will remain anonymous as you will be given some private form of identification.

· Wait for the results which can be communicated through a text or phone call.

II. Cancer self-test kits

It is possible for you to purchase cancer self-test kits from your local pharmacy. The test kits include tests for bowel and prostate cancer. However, it is often advised that if you think that you have cancer-related symptoms that it is best that you seek medical advice from the doctor.The early the diagnosis of cancer, the more effective and faster the treatment will be.

One low tech health self-check tests which are a great option for all women in their 20s are the BSE (Breast Self-Exam).The Breast Self-Exam may help in early detection of breast cancer signs. The health self-check test is a simple one, just looking at your breasts in the mirror monthly at home. That is usually advised to be done after your periods and you should note any differences including lumps and irritated skin.Skin cancers self-check is also advised and you should note any changes such as scaly skin,growth or spot and or bleeding.

Generally, the working of various types of home health self-test kits work in three main ways included below.The health self test kits often come with instructions on how to operate or use them.

· Choosing or buying your specific health self-test kit

· Collecting your blood, urine, or saliva samples using the instrument or the special piece of paper provided.

· Send the samples collected to your lab of choice. With the pregnancy self test kits for example; you are able to get results within a few minutes, 2 or 5 minutes. Samples are not sent to the lab.

· Receive your results within a few days if samples were required to be sent to the lab. Usually takes 1 or 2 days.

When purchasing a health self-test kit, it is important that you are wary of claims that the sellers can make. They can be misleading. Before you employ the use of one, ensure that the particular kit is sealed, package not damaged. And of course, make sure that the self-test kit is within its expiry date.

In conclusion,it is important that you understand that a home self-test kit should never serve to replace an advice from a health professional. As well, if there are national screening programs such as breast, cervical or bowel screening then that should not be replaced by a health self test kit.What’s more, it is important to note that a self-test kit may not give a 100% assurance that you have or you do not have a certain condition.